The Next Generation

My Personal History

I’m told that a good way to start a personal history is to work from present to past.

I’m going to give it a whirl.

I’d like to start with my grandchildren:

The Next Generation.


The question is oft asked:  How do you like being a grandparent?

I will try to answer.

My employer has a dog.


Lexi is not a particularly attractive dog.

She is old, short haired, a little overweight and low to the ground.

Lexi doesn’t like thunderstorms.

North Carolina summers produce thunderstorms almost daily from mid-summer on. Lexi pees all over the house when they occur.

Because of this, Lexi spends her weekdays at work with us.

When I first saw Lexi, I told my employer: “That is one UGLY dog”.

I still have my job, so I guess she wasn’t too offended.

However, we have all grown to love Lexi and enjoy having her around (except when she begs and barks while I’m eating my lunch), and thus have named her the company Mascot.

My employer loves Lexi.


When she returns home from work, Lexi is SO happy to see her.

Dogs are like that.

They make one feel loved and accepted unconditionally and they always greet you with an “I’m so happy to see you, welcome home kind of attitude”.

And so it is with grandchildren.

I highlighted our newest, Holden, a little bit in my last post and although he is adorable, he does nothing but sleep, cry, eat, pee and poop, pretty much in that order, over..and over..and over. There isn’t much to say about him other than he is darn cute.

To paraphrase his Dad’s words:

Take him home and bring him back when he is Sydney’s age.

Sydney being his almost 14 month-old sister.

Sydney was born just three days before her Dad was deployed.  We all knew that this was going to be difficult.

It was.

Mostly for my daughter Kelley.  Kelley stayed with us for about a month after Sydney was born and we, meaning Scott, Krissy and myself and sometimes Wade, felt like her co-parents.

We totally bonded.

After that time with us, we saw Kelley and Sydney most every Sunday, taking turns making the hour-long drive back and forth from our respective homes.

We all looked forward to Sunday because we knew we were going to see Sydney (and her mom)!

“It’s like Christmas” as my daughter Krissy put it, every time we see her.

Only Christmas… ends.

Family doesn’t.

When Sydney sees us, she is so happy she can barely contain herself.

She squeals, smiles, claps her hands and all other manor of adorable displays of “I’m so happy to see you” gestures and noises.

We love it!!

So, as with dogs, grandchildren greet us with unrestrained happiness and unconditional love.

So nice.

Here is Sydney.

Playing in Water


"Kissing" Daddy

Eating her 1st Birthday Cupcake

Looking Adorable

Her daddy is home from Afghanistan and all is right in their world again.

We miss seeing her every week.

But we see her pretty regularly .  So far, we’ve been driving to see her, because traveling with Sydney and her new little brother is not something that her parents are ready to tackle.

I don’t blame them.

Traveling with two little ones is a juggling act. They have their little family now and their own cozy home in which to relax and enjoy their two little miracles from above.

I plan to highlight each grandchild from youngest to oldest in the coming months.

Don’t hold me to it.

The older I get, the less I carry through with my bright ideas.

Alas, I must, lest I slight the other 7.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish we lived close to grandparents…either you or my family would be great! I’ll keep dreaming and maybe some day it’ll happen! I’ve just added your blog to my reader page so I’ll check back for future posts :) .

    • Angela says:

      Thanks, Elisa..My plan was to feature the kids by age, so Nora should have been before Sydney!! Nora is next!

      I wonder why you show up as Anonymous?

  2. kelley says:

    I know I shouldn’t but I take pride in how happy you all are to see Sydney. I feel like I should take credit for her awesomeness or something. And you are all definitely co-parents to her since there is no way I could have made it through her first year without you. I guess I would have still done it but I would have cried a lot more.

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